Hand Injected Jigs for Your Next Fishing Trip

There are many crappie fishing lures currently available on the market. Unfortunately, not all of them guarantee a large catch. If you use inferior lures, you will spend too much time to catch just a few fish. At Team Ricky Jigs, we offer colorful fishing lures that work. We designed each in a way that it will help you catch more crappies than your fellow anglers. Contact us today to learn more about our special lures that catch more fish than any other lure.

Learn About Team Ricky Jigs

Be the envy of your fellow anglers by using crappie jigs from Team Ricky Jigs in Farmers Branch, Texas. Specially designed for crappie fishing, our finely crafted lures guarantee that you will catch plenty of fish every time. Our owner started this business after realizing that he spent too much money on lures. He determined that a costly lure wasn’t necessarily a quality lure and didn’t ensure a good catch, which inspired him to start making his own lures. The jigs we offer are made from durable materials. Meticulously made by hand, our lures attest to our fishing experience that spans nearly two decades. Unlike those offered by our competitors, our lures have special features that easily attract crappies. As passionate anglers ourselves, we know exactly which qualities you are looking for in lures.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide you with the most productive crappie jigs. At Team Ricky Jigs, we put to the test every single color to make sure they will produce crappies. So we don’t just make them, we fish them. With 20 years of jigging experience, we know what the crappie want and what colors produce year round. Our jigs are made with highest quality materials made in the U.S.A. With Team Ricky Jigs, “It’s All About the Thump!”


Catch More Crappies with Multicolored Fishing Lures

Catch more crappies in less time when you use specialized fishing lures from Team Ricky Jigs in Farmers Branch, Texas. We offer 2″ shad fishing jigs made of hand-injected molds. Each one boasts a good tail action that immediately attracts nearby fish



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